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With a quick X-ray, the root cause of an injury is unmasked. If your child hurts after a sports injury, a playground mishap, or some other sudden disaster, Total Access Pediatric Urgent Care in Rockville, Maryland, is the place to go for on-site X-ray imaging. With immediate images in hand, your doctor can identify the problem and create a treatment plan to get your child out of pain fast. Get in touch with a member of the Total Access Pediatric Urgent Care team via the online tool or by phone now.

X-Ray Q & A

How many X-rays will you take?

It depends on the location of your child's injury, but in most cases, the doctor needs multiple images to get a clear view of the injury from all angles. This can help the doctor make the most accurate diagnosis.

Does my child have to stay still during the X-rays?

It's very important that your child doesn't move during the X-rays, as any movement can result in blurry images that are impossible for the doctor to read properly.  A stabilization device might help in some cases.

It's usually OK for you to stay beside with your child to help keep them calm and still during the X-rays. If you stay with your child during the X-rays, you'll wear the same type of protective garment as your child does.

The whole X-ray process takes only a few minutes. If your child becomes fussy, you can be assured that the team at Total Access Pediatric Urgent Care will be done quickly.

Is the radiation dangerous?

The quantity of radiation generated in a short series of X-rays is quite minimal. Your child is also protected from any unnecessary radiation exposure by a protective garment. This means the overall risk is small. If your child's hurt and they need an X-ray, the benefits of getting the images typically outweigh any small danger from the radiation.

When do I get results from my child's X-ray?

At Total Access Pediatric Urgent Care, there's an X-ray machine on site. This means that your doctor immediately gets the X-ray images and can examine them promptly. You'll know the results and have a treatment plan for your child before you leave Total Access Pediatric Urgent Care.

How will the doctor treat my child's injury?

It depends on the injury. Some injuries, such as strains and sprains, may require only pain relief and rest. Other injuries like fractures may require a splint or cast. The team at Total Access Pediatric Urgent Care customizes treatment for your child after carefully analyzing the X-ray images.

To get answers and solutions when your child's hurt, count on the Total Access Pediatric Urgent Care team in Rockville, Maryland. Connect now through online messaging or by phone.